A content sniffer for the Original Xbox.

  • By TeamUIX
  • Last update: Apr 30, 2023
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I'm Cleet. Cletus T. Pine.


  • A content sniffer for the Original Xbox.


  • Download the id_database.json
  • Download the appropriate binary for your platform.
  • Working Directory should look like this:
|-- pinecone binary
|-- data
| |-- id_database.json
|-- dump
| |-- TDATA
| |-- UDATA
| |-- C (optional)
| |-- E (optional)
| |-- F (optional)
| |-- G (optional)
  • Run your binary from the commandline. e.g: ./pinecone (or pinecone.exe) (optional flags: --update, --homebrew, --ugc (user generated content))


  • Our buddy Harcroft has been keeping a rolling list of missing content for nearly 20 years.
  • The idea of this software is to cut out as much of the manual digging as possible, and expand on it as a tool to archive this data.

Hows this work?

  • Drop UDATA and TDATA into a dump folder.
  • Analyze the dump for userdata and DLC's, User Created Content, Content Update Files.
  • (Optional) Analyze the dump for Homebrew content in a C E F G folder structure.


  • Disect Disk images
  • Import archived dumps
  • Export output for easy viewing
  • Add more flags for more specific searches
  • Create "Homebrew" JSON file to identify homebrew content.

Experimental Flags

  • --homebrew: This flag will search for homebrew content in the C E F G folders.
  • --ugc: This flag will search for User Generated Content in the UDATA folder.
  • --saves: This flag will search for Save Games in the UDATA folder. Functionality is not complete, just scans folders and parses TitleMeta.xbx.

Example output

Local JSON file exists.
Loading JSON data...
Traversing directory structure...
Found folder for "Advent Rising".
Advent Rising has unarchived content found at: TDATA/4d4a0009/$c/4d4a000900000003
Title ID 50430001 not present in JSON file. May want to investigate!
Traversing directory structure for Title Updates...
TDATA/4d4a0009/$u/test.xbe: 87088e689b192c389693b3db38d5f26f2c4d55ae