A Golang implementation of the Nakama Godot tutorial.

  • By Donovan Hutcheon
  • Last update: Oct 19, 2022
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nakama-godot-demo Golang implementation

This is a Lua to Golang translation of the Nakama Godot tutorial.

Watch the GDQuest video here

How to use:

First build the container by compiling the Go code into a shared library.

docker-compose build

Then run the docker-compose containers:

docker-compose up

Press Ctrl-c to send a signal to docker-compose to shut the containers down, or run docker-compose down in a separate session.

Then run multiple instances of the tutorial game. The easiest approach is to export the game to an executable and run multiple instances of the demo.


This is a derived work of the original tutorial code, which at the time of writing used the Apache 2.0 license.