A repo of codes from "writing a compiler in go" by Thorsten Ball with some minor tweaks

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  • Last update: Apr 12, 2022
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Writing a compiler in go - My improved version

What is repo for?

This repo is my version of implementing the compiler of the "monkey" language described in the book "writing a compiler in go" by Thorsten Ball.

It is based on my version of the first part of the sequel, with tweaks to the monkey language such as the float structure, python like array indexing, etc.

How to run?

  • Use command line calling repl:

    go run ./
  • Run with .monkey source code file (TODO):


Improvements based on the part II (TODO)

Improvements based on the part I

  • float type

  • implicit conversions among boolean, integer, float constants

  • repl enabling backspace, history tracing, exit() command

  • string literals now can start with either ' or ", support backslash escapes

  • array allow python-like indexing including striding

    [0,1][1:] yields [1]
    [0,1,2][::-1] yields [2,1,0]
  • loops: for && while && do while and keywords continue and break

    let a = 1;while(a==1){let a = 2; break;};a; 
    # output: 1
  • reassigning values using =

    let a = 1; do{let a= 2}while(false);a=3;a;
    # output: 3