A simple tool for updating your Discord bot's username and avatar

  • By Ben Richeson
  • Last update: Sep 18, 2022
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updatebot ✏️

A simple CLI util for change your Discord bot's username and avatar while this functionality is disabled on the dev portal.


Note: token is first read from $DISCORD_TOKEN. If no such variable exists, the program will prompt you to input the token.

Running with Docker (easiest) docker run -t benricheson101/updatebot [--username=""] [--avatar=""]

Download executable Download the corresponding executable from the releases page and run it from the terminal.

Build from source

$ git clone [email protected]:benricheson101/updatebot.git
$ cd updatebot
$ go build -o updatebot cmd/updatebot/main.go
$ ./updatebot

Command-Line Flags

Usage of updatebot:
  -avatar url or file path
    	the new avatar for the bot. either a url or file path
  -username string
    	the new username for the bot