An exporter for to track my rides.

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  • Last update: May 30, 2022
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Want to export your stats from ?

from this ugly interface:



  • Your total Velib trips number
  • Your total distance in Velib (in km)
  • Your total distance in electrical Velib (in km)
  • Your total distance in mechanical Velib (in km)
  • Your highest trip distance (your personal record! yay!) (in km)
  • Your average Velib trip duration (in minutes)
  • Total CO2 saved according to Velib (in grams)
$> curl -s | grep -B2 -E ^velib_
# HELP velib_co2_total_saved Total CO2 saved by using Velib in grams
# TYPE velib_co2_total_saved gauge
velib_co2_total_saved 7328.200000000001
# HELP velib_distance_electrical Distance total in electrical Velib in meters
# TYPE velib_distance_electrical gauge
velib_distance_electrical 33737
# HELP velib_distance_mechanical Distance total in mechanical Velib in meters
# TYPE velib_distance_mechanical gauge
velib_distance_mechanical 32283
# HELP velib_distance_total Distance total in Velib in meters
# TYPE velib_distance_total gauge
velib_distance_total 66020
# HELP velib_trip_average_duration Velib trip average duration in minutes
# TYPE velib_trip_average_duration gauge
velib_trip_average_duration 12
# HELP velib_trip_highest_distance Velib trip highest distance in meters
# TYPE velib_trip_highest_distance gauge
velib_trip_highest_distance 6554
# HELP velib_trip_number Number of Velib trips
# TYPE velib_trip_number gauge
velib_trip_number 25

ℹ️ Stats are refreshed every every half hour.


$ git clone
$ cd velib-exporter
$ go build


$ ./velib-exporter -help
Usage of velib-exporter:
  -address string
        Exporter listening address (default "")
        Debug mode
  -port string
        Exporter listening port (default "5050")
  -token string
        Velib API token

To get the -token value, go on:, login and inspect the network requests, then check the getAllInfoUsers request and get the BEARER cookie value.


Get the dahsboard:

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