Automatic (for now) Twitter poster from any Hugo blog

  • By Jonatan
  • Last update: May 22, 2022
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HugoPoster is a server application used to automatically post my Hugo blog's new articles to (for now) my Twitter, maybe to stuff like Instagram in the feature. It looks for new commits, web scrapes it with Go-Rod. Then it runs the python script to post to Twitter.

Let's break the files down!

  • - Bash script that runs at commit
  • go.mod - Golang module stuff
  • go.sum - More Golang module stuff
  • main.go - Get Git commit url, then web scrape and run Python script
  • - This file
  • - Tweets with the data gathered in main.go

Running it yourself

How do you use it? This isn't optimized for other's use, sorry, but I provide the steps below. This assumes the "Terminal" theme in Hugo.

  • Change paths in, and change the docker command to your web server restart command.
  • Change paths and urls in main.go
  • Rename to
  • Generate a Twitter API key and set it in
  • Install Tweepy with Pip and build main.go If there is demand, create a Github issue about it and I will make it easy to selfhost.