[bot] 🐵 Wrench here! Let's fix this! 🔧

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  • Last update: Dec 15, 2022
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[bot] wrench: let's fix this!

Wrench is the name of the Mach engine mascot, who also helps us automate and maintain Mach project development from time to time.

Wrench in action

Join the #wrench channel in the Mach discord to get an idea of what wrench can do.


Issues are tracked in the main Mach repository.


Wrench is written in Go (convenient due to its ecosystem for this kind of task); install the latest version of Go and go test ./... or go install . to install wrench into your $GOBIN.

Discord bot testing

  1. Navigate to the Discord Applications page
  2. Select one of your bot applications (you may need to create one for testing.)
  3. Under Settings, click Bot. If needed create the bot.
  4. Under the Build-A-Bot section, select Click to Reveal Token

In your config.toml enter the token:

DiscordBotToken = "SECRET"

To add the bot to a server:

  • Under OAuth2, select URL Generator
  • Select scopes:
    • Bot
  • Select permissions:
    • Send messages
    • Create public threads
    • Create private threads
    • Send messages in threads
    • Send TTS messages
    • Embed links
    • Attach files
    • Read message history
    • Add reactions
    • Use slash commands

This will give you a URL you can visit to add the bot to your server.



  1. Install Git sudo apt-get install git - ensure v2.39+
  2. Download release binary
  3. Move to /usr/local/bin/wrench and chmod +x /usr/local/bin/wrench
  4. Run sudo wrench setup and follow instructions


  1. Ensure Git v2.39+ is installed (use brew install git)
  2. Download release binary
  3. Move to $HOME/.bin/wrench and chmod +x $HOME/.bin/wrench
  4. Place $HOME/.bin on PATH if desired
  5. Run sudo wrench setup


  1. Install Git: winget install --id Git.Git -e --source winget - ensure v2.39+
  2. Download release binary, rename to .exe
  3. Place at C:/wrench.exe or some other location. Put on PATH if desired.
  4. In admin terminal run wrench.exe setup