CL <-> EL multiplexing relay

  • By Martin Holst Swende
  • Last update: Nov 30, 2022
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Factor is a relay which can be used to keep a number of EL clients supplied with recent-head information, based off one CL client.

The relay currently only supports one mode -- active mode.

OBS Factor is not a secure way to manage an EL node.

Active mode

In active mode, the relay fetches information from the CL node, and then passes it down to the EL nodes that are configured.

Passive mode

In passive mode, the relay functions like an EL node -- and the CL pushes changes to it. It then relays the data to other nodes, but uses the primary EL to return responses.


Factor can handle jwt and custom headers. See conf.toml.sample for an idea of how to configure it.


Should be available at docker hub