CLI implementation of the Conway's Game of Life in Go

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  • Last update: May 30, 2022
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Conway's Game of Life

  • zero-player game simulating life of cells
  • Wikipedia article
  • this is my personal CLI implementation in Go


go build conway.go
./conway width height file
  • where width and height are unsigned integers that determine the size of field
  • and file is a file with the starting seed


  • The only influence the user has on the Game of Life is the starting position determined by the seed
  • The seed for my implementation has the following format:
0, 0
9, 3
  • where the tuples of numbers determine the starting cells which are alive
  • there are example seeds in the repository block, blinker and glider


./conway 10 10 glider
Generation  0 :


Pres return for next generation, Ctrl-c to stop.