Cli to run your services and databases locally based on yml config. Also, there are nice db helpers.

  • By Andrii Klymiuk
  • Last update: Dec 15, 2022
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Quick install with Homebrew

brew tap andriiklymiuk/homebrew-tools

brew install corgi

# ask for help to check if it works
corgi -h

It will install it globally.

With it you can run corgi in any folder on your local.

Create service file, if you want to run corgi.


If you want to run db_services or your services require docker, then you need

If you want to use auto seeding feature for postgres databases, you need to install

Services creation

You need to create corgi-compose.yml file in root of your target repo to create services and db services. It should be created in the following way:

corgi-compose.yml example

    databaseName: corgi-database
    user: corgi
    password: corgiSecurePassword
    port: 5432
    #Use seedFromFilePath or seedFromDb/seedFromDbEnvPath, only one will work
    seedFromFilePath: path/to/dump.sql to use, it will precede before seedFromDb.
    # can be empty, use either seedFromDbEnvPath or seedFromDb 
    seedFromDbEnvPath: path/to/db/info/.env
      host: db_host_for_seed_seed_db
      databaseName: db_name_for_seed_db
      user: db_user_for_seed_db
      password: db_password_for_seed_db
      port: db_port_for_seed_db
    databaseName: corgi-database-test
    user: corgi
    password: corgiSecurePasswordTest
    port: 5433

    # copyEnvFromFilePath: path_to_copy_env_from
      - PORT=8965
      - corgi
      - install your dependencies or do other stuff
      - that needs to be run before start cmd
      - start corgiServer
    cloneFrom: url_to_use_in_git_clone_if_path_doesn't_exist
    path: /path/for/service
      - SOME_ENV=corgi_is_best
      - SOME_ENV2=corgi_is_best_indeed
      - name: corgiServer
        envAlias: BEST_CORGI_SERVER_URL
      - install your dependencies or do other stuff
      - that needs to be run before start cmd
      - start corgiApp
      - do some cleanup staff on service close

Then run, which will create db_services.

  corgi init

Or, if you want to just run services and already created db_services:

  corgi run

Tip: there can be as many services as you wish. But create it with different ports to be able to run in all at the same time, if you want.

You can read of what exactly happens on run or on init to better understand corgi logic.

Without cli

The beauty of this cli is that it is versatile and can be run without even opening cli, if it is broke or smth has happened to it. All database services are in corgi_services/db_services folder, so you can go to interested service folder and just run make up to start the database.

It can be done so, because cli is dependent upon on docker-compose.yml and MAKEFILE for each service, and it can be run independently.