Command line application to quickly setup Telegram bot projects powered by grammY.

  • By Dunkan
  • Last update: Nov 28, 2022
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Fast and simple command line tool to setup the needed files to quickly create Telegram bots powered by the grammY bot framework. This tool allows you to create projects from several templates, maintained by both official team and third-party users.

This is a Go re-write of the official grammY CLI.



Install using Go.

go install[email protected]

After installation, run gmy command to use the tool. You can provide a project name as the first argument.


Open a pull request by adding your own templates to the templates.json file. There are currently three platforms that you can add templates to: Deno, Node.js, and other templates.

Each template should contain the following fields:

  • name — Name to be shown in the templates list in CLI. Recommended to use "owner/repository" as the name if it's a repository.
  • typerepository or subfolder. If your template is an entire repository, use "repository" as type, or if it is a subfolder in a repository use "subfolder" as the type.
  • owner — GitHub repository owner.
  • repository — GitHub repository name.
  • docker_prompt — Should the CLI prompt the user to add default docker files.
  • tsconfig_prompt — Should the CLI prompt the user to add the default tsconfig.json file.

"repository" type

  • branch — Primary repository branch name.

"subfolder" type

  • path — Path to the subfolder the template is located at.

Deno templates

  • cache_file — When the user chose to Cache dependencies, deno cache command will get executed for the specified file.


I chose it as a short form of grammY, for the command name.