Fork of toast's discord malware detector but in Go !

  • By rush7
  • Last update: Apr 24, 2022
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Discord Malware Detector

Update soon, full rewrite and now make use of Yara Rules

make discord skidz angry

DMD is a program that read the content of a given file and look for common things that are in tokens stealers.


  • Choose the file that suits to your computer Releases


  • Look for urls
  • Look for malicious words
  • Look for strings related to browser data stealing
  • Look for webhook urls

Current Support


  • Nuitka is supported
  • TODO: Pyinstaller


  • Unobfuscated/Not packed programs are supported


  • Unobfuscated programs are supported even though it might print some false positives due to golang way of statically linking dependencies

How to use it ?



  • Add a way to detect certain grabber and make it contribution friendly
  • Get more samples

s/o to...

  • toast for the original program
  • Vichy for the idea
  • sql for the new webhook regex.