Generate gin code.Support JWT, Casbin, Multi tenant

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  • Last update: Aug 19, 2022
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What is protoc-gen-gin

The protoc-gen-gin is a plugin of the Google protocol buffers compiler protoc. It reads protobuf service definitions and generates a gin server which provide more RESTful HTTP API services. This server is generated according to the google.api.http annotations in your service definitions.

Features supported

  • Generating JSON API handlers.
  • Method parameters in the request body.
  • Method parameters in the request path.
  • Method parameters in the query string.
  • JWT supported.
  • Generate OpenAPIv2 with JWT document.
  • Multi tenants supported.
  • Generate OpenAPIv2 with Multi-tenants document.(soon coming)
  • Enum fields in the path parameter.
  • Optionally emitting API definitions for OpenAPI (Swagger) v2.

How to use

$ go install \[email protected] \[email protected] \[email protected] \[email protected]

$ protoc --proto_path=. \
    --proto_path=./third_party \
    --go_out=paths=source_relative:. \
    --gin_out=paths=source_relative:. \

Generate OpenAPI v2 specification

$ protoc --proto_path=. \
    --proto_path=./third_party \
    --openapiv2_out . \
    --openapiv2_opt logtostderr=true \