gokrazy remote syslog server daemon: writes to disk what it receives via remote syslog

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  • Last update: Sep 27, 2022
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See https://gokrazy.org/quickstart/ first.

Then, add github.com/gokrazy/syslogd/cmd/gokr-syslogd to your gokr-packer invocation.

Configure the listening address through a flag:

mkdir -p flags/github.com/gokrazy/syslogd/cmd/gokr-syslogd
echo '-listen=' > flags/github.com/gokrazy/syslogd/cmd/gokr-syslogd/flags.txt

Usage Examples

To follow logs of a specific host live, install https://github.com/gokrazy/breakglass for SSH access and use:

ssh router7 tail -f '/perm/syslogd/scan2drive/*.log'

You can also follow all logs:

ssh router7 tail -f '/perm/syslogd/*/*.log'

To search through old logs, grep through *.log for the last two days:

ssh router7 grep rror '/perm/syslogd/scan2drive/*.log'

…or zstdgrep through *.log.gz for older logs (not included in busybox unfortunately):

sshfs router7:/perm/syslogd /mnt/syslogd
zstdgrep rror /mnt/syslogd/scan2drive/*.log.zst




  • 1

    gokr-syslogweb: implement /tail endpoint

    Currently, gokr-syslogweb offers a /grep endpoint, but /tail would also be useful.

    We can then also publish the slog tool as a CLI frontend to use gokr-syslogweb, and add a slog variant to the README for each example.