Group file sharing using End-to-End Encryption

  • By Aditya Kresna
  • Last update: Oct 27, 2022
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Simple file sharing with End-to-End encryption for small/medium organization.

Server Requirements

  1. Golang 1.18 or newer
  2. Postgres 12 or newer


Copy config YAML file at config.example.yaml and rename as config.yaml


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  • 1

    SQL logic error: near "ILIKE": syntax error (1)

    When registering got errors from console that seems only show if using SQLite3

    2022/10/23 03:45:46 /github/workspace/routes/auth/register.go:59 SQL logic error: near "ILIKE": syntax error (1)      
  • 2

    Support multi configuration path

    Support multi configuration files at different places with orders

    • . /config.yaml base/root project folder
    • $HOME/.hansip/config.yaml
    • /etc/hansip/config.yaml