It's go boom, a simple webserver DDoS tool using differents proxy for each threads

  • By Ugo Meguerditchian
  • Last update: Jan 18, 2023
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💥 GoBoom 💥

A simple tool to "DDoS" a webserver via multiple threads each using a different proxy

Features 📁

  • Auto harvest of multiple sources for free proxy
  • Possibility to add file with your own proxy (ip:port format)
  • Possibility to set your own threads limit
  • Possibility to use without proxy

Usage/Examples 📖


go run GoBoom.go -h

usage: GoBoom [-h|--help] -d|--domain "<value>" [-t|--threads "<value>"]
              [-p|--proxy-file "<value>" [-p|--proxy-file "<value>" ...]]
              [-x|--proxy-mult <integer>] [-m|--mode <integer>]

              Boom some website by proxy


  -h  --help        Print help information
  -d  --domain      Domain to boom
  -t  --threads     Number of core to use. Default: max
  -p  --proxy-file  Proxy file(s), separate with a ',' each files. Format of
                    file(s) must be ip:port. Default: []
  -x  --proxy-mult  You can multiply the working proxys detected with this
                    option. Default: 12
  -m  --mode        Mode of attack, 1 for pass all traffic trough proxy, 2
                    don't use proxy. Default: 1

With Golang

git clone
cd GoBoom
go run GoBoom.go -d

With binaries

Open it in a terminal and add your args

GoBoom.exe -d 

Add your own proxy file

You can add your own file containing proxy :

    go run GoBoom.go -d -p C:\myfile1.txt,C:\myfile2.txt

Use GoBoom without proxy

You have to specify the number of threads you want to use

    go run GoBoom.go -d -t 100 -m 2

In this case GoBoom will use all core of your CPU, you have to adapt it with the number of threads you want to use

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