Micro-application fournissant une API en lecture seule, développé avec Golang

  • By TigrouLand
  • Last update: Nov 16, 2022
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A micro-application providing a public read-only API of various TL events data, which is used in the main site application: tl-events.fr.

Used technologies

Thanks to the use of Golang, this micro-application is powerful, stable and extremely low cost in machine resources. In order to ensure a continuous deployment and to secure this application, being hosted on our servers, we use Docker in order to build an image at each new commit on the main branch.

Run locally

  # First, clone this repository on your machine:
  git clone https://github.com/TigrouLand/api.tl-events.fr.git

  # Go to the project directory:
  cd api.tl-events.fr

  # Install dependencies:
  go get

  # Compile the application:
  go build
  # Run the application:


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL 3.