Monitor your network throughput in Windows and Linux. 🧮

  • By Vivek Nathani
  • Last update: Jun 20, 2022
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trackbit is a network throughput monitoring tool, built for Windows and Linux. It grabs the network information from your OS so it does not sniff your packets.


Internet providers claim a certain bandwidth while selling you your connection. Seeing the throughput makes understand what you really get.

getting started

You need to know the name of your interface or adapter for which the throughput will be tracked. On Linux, you need the name of your interface. So go ahead and do,


The left-most value written against your network is the interface name. One common name is eth0.
On Windows, you need the name of your network adapter. So go to your command prompt and do,

ifconfig /all

Find your network. The Description field is your adapter name.

build and run

From the root of this project,

make build
make run
# or you can invoke the command manually to specify the port, default is 8080
./bin/trackbit -port=8081 # any port number

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