MOSS is the Multi-Organization Secret Scanner

  • By Jeremy Mill
  • Last update: Nov 2, 2022
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a rolling secret gathers no MOSS - @robbkidd

MOSS is the Multi-Organization Secret Scanner. It is designed to handle scanning many repositories from multiple github orgs as efficiently as possible. Scanning for secrets is done with Gitleaks

Setting Access Tokens

Organization access tokens (PATs) are passed as env vars in the format PAT_<orgname>. So if your orgname is foo you would pass the PAT for the account running the scan as: PAT_foo.

MOSS looks for these PATs based on the organizations configured in the github_config.orgs_to_scan section of the config file documented below.

MOSS Config File

A sample configuration file with annotations is here


The currently supported formats are markdown and json. Markdown files are written by default to /output/ but the path where can be written to can be set using an environmental variable.

Json files are named output.json by default and will also be written to the /output folder unless overridden.

Other Environmental Variables

The following environmental variables may be configured to change the behavior of MOSS:

Variable Name Required Description Default
MOSS_OUTDIR False Sets the directory for MOSS output /output/{output filename}
MOSS_DEBUG False Enabled verbose debug logs False
MOSS_CONFDIR False Sets the path to the MOSS configuration file ./configs/conf.yml
MOSS_GITLEAKSCONF False Sets the path to the GitLeaks toml file ./configs/gitleaks.toml
MOSS_DEBUG_LIMIT False Sets a limit for the number of repos to scan If not set, it does nothing. If set to an int it is the upper limit, if another string is passed it will default to 10

Running with Docker

Docker is the preferred method for running MOSS. A sample run command would be:

docker run --rm \
    -e PAT_someorg=$(GH_TOKEN) \
    -v `pwd`/configs/conf.yml:/usr/src/moss/configs/conf.yml \
    -v `pwd`/configs/gitleaks.toml:/usr/src/moss/configs/gitleaks.toml \
    -v `pwd`/sample_output:/output \
    --name moss_r \