For work, this will eventually be a demonstration program with a frontend allowing people to import a CSV or text file to import names into a SSO program

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go Upskilling

The aim of this exercise is to demonstrate go's ability to help automate tasks that may have to be done on a regular basis. The end goal is to be able to pass go a file of names (for example in a csv file) and have it automatically enter them into a database. From this we will then go further into hooking it into an instance of a popular SSO service to have go automatically create and set up new user accounts for us in bulk.

Feature list

Please visit the new feature board for tracking of features coming soon to a repo near you.

Getting started

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open up the directory you clone the repository to in a terminal
  3. Type: go run .

If it is your first time running the program then it may download some dependencies first. Please make sure to check what they are in the go.mod folder to make sure they are what you expect/do not conflict with packages you may already have installed



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    User is able to enter in information to the database through command line

    Starting off with the command line first. The user should be able to enter data in the format Firstname, Lastname and have it automatically entered in to the database.

    Comma separated as some names may not be single words and separating by whitespace may cause confusion