Post-money economy simulator in the form of a free fictional game based on gift economy that tests the hypothesis of having a market system without any exchange be it barters or money.

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Cyber Stasis


The problem with money

Moneyless market economy't

Cyber Stasis is an economic simulator in the form of a free fictional game. The interface is a futuristic dashboard which coordinates global real-time demand and supply. The model is based on gift economy and tests the hypothesis of having a market system without any type of exchange be it barters or money. The market system provides a feedback loop between production and consumption and is oriented towards efficiency of distribution. Everything that we measure with money can be measured by a ratio between supply and demand. There is no private property and a concept of wealth. Everyone is connected anonymously to prevent forming of alliances and cartels. The goal of the system is to make sure that all needs are met to the best extent possible. There is a personal reputation index which measures your contributions to society but it does not give any privileges. The goal of the game is to become the most useful member of society.

How does it look in real life though?

A lot of people have a hard time imagining what changes and what is not.

Here is a practical example: You go to work and do what you do. You get what you usually buy. You just don't exchange money for all those activities. All that based on the assumption that we switched from ownership economy to usage economy.

Corps transform into coops and life goes on as usual. Except you are no longer forced to work and can choose to do what you like or even change your activities ever so often.


How to Play

The game runs on the public IPFS network. In order to play it follow the steps below:

  1. Install the official IPFS Desktop
  2. Install IPFS Companion
  3. Install golang 1.17 or later version -
  4. Clone to your local machine
git clone
  1. Follow the instructions here to open your config file: Usually it's ~/.ipfs/config on Linux. Add the following snippet to the HTTPHeaders:
  "API": {
    "HTTPHeaders": {
      "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": ["webui://-", "http://localhost:3000", "http://bafybeid6xrjkqbpdscmyu4esqyeyul5qit6tplvvaif7db6hreqmftsxvq.ipfs.localhost:8080", "", ""],
      "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials": ["true"],
      "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": ["PUT", "POST"]
  1. Build it and start the daemon:
cd go-ipfs
make build
./cmd/ipfs/ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment
  1. Navigate to and let's simulate the future together!
  2. If you like the game consider pinning it to your local node so that you become a permanent host of it while you have IPFS daemon running SetPinning PinToLocalNode

Please note the game has been developed on a WQHD resolution(2560x1440) and is currently not responsive or optimized for mobile devices. For best gaming experience if you play in FHD(1920x1080) please set your browser zoom settings to 150%.


  • Economic simulator - Cyber Stasis is an economic simulator in the form of a fictional game based on global real-time demand and supply.
  • Real-time demand/supply graph - The graph reflects all demand and supply requests and is updated in real-time.
  • Supply can be sent only in response to an existing demand - Send only goods and services you can provide in real life.
  • Keep it real - Send requests for your real daily needs to make the whole simulation as accurate as possible.
  • Global events - When the supply/demand ratio drops below certain thresholds global events are triggered and sent as notifications such as global shortage of water, food and housing.
  • Do what you do in real life - Ask for things you need and supply things you provide.
  • Rankings - Rankings reflect the level of contribution and usefulness of members to society. They take all factors into account and are calculated by a formula. The Reputation Index is the score in the game. Provide more than you consume and become the most valuable member of society!
  • No collection of user data - Cyber Stasis does not collect any personal user data.
  • User generated content is fictional - All user generated content is fictional and creators are not responsibile for it.
  • If you like it support it - This is an open source community project. Feel free to improve it or fork it and use it for your projects. Donations are welcome.


Screenshot of the homepage Screenshot of the ranks screen Screenshot of the story Screenshot of the mission


  1. Make it responsive - Not started
  2. Make it mobile friendly - Not started. It will require a very different approach with a different client:


  1. Create a liquid democracy voting system that integrates seamlessly with the economy simulator.:
  2. Create media platform where people can publish their own news instead of relying on mass media and seamlessly integrate it with the economy simulator:
  3. Add resources available data fetched from external public APIs and keep track of it during production/consumption cycles


  1. Auroville
  2. CyberSyn
  3. The Venus Project
  4. OGAS


  1. go-app
  2. IPFS
  3. Berty
  4. All the rest of the authors who worked on the dependencies used! Thanks a lot!


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Stateless Minds (c) 2022 and contributors

MIT License



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    A typo in description?

    Here, on GitHub project page:

    User generated content is fictional - All user generated content is fictional and creators are responsibile for it.

    You meant NOT responsible?