OwnageHCF, in dragonfly, not a kitmap, authentic HCF

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  • Last update: Jun 14, 2022
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Ownage's HCF server


  • This is still a WIP server
  • Some of the code will include Vasar-themed things as this was originally made for Vasar
  • All Vasar related assets are removed such as capes, skins, arenas, etc. You will have to implement these things yourself to have the server working (sorry skids)
  • ALOT of stuff is still relying on Dragonfly to finish certain features (e.g furnaces, brewing, fake inventories, etc.)
  • Some of the code is really poorly written as a result of simply wanting functionality over code quality (e.g the KOTH code, claim code, etc.)
  • Yes I am fully aware that the database hash is public, it will obviously be changed in production
  • If you are intending to skid the server or attempting to make this code your own server (and you have no idea what you're doing), don't bother trying. There are alot of things you need to configure and replace as many of the Vasar-related assets were removed that contribute to the overall functionality of the server. Thus, I suggest you learn off the code, contribute, or simply don't skid the code as it'll be a waste of time!
  • The goal of this project/server is to bring real HCF back to Bedrock so people don't have to play servers that are a) always down from DDoS attacks b) 10 tps lag machines c) kitmap alternatives or d) skids off java servers
  • The reason this project is open sourced is for the lolz and in respect for Vasar going open source
  • Lastly, this is going to be one of my last few MC-related projects so it'd be awesome if people would be willing to contribute


  • Rotating KOTHs
  • Faction creation and claiming
  • Claiming management
  • SOTW management
  • PVP timer
  • Finish alot of the handlers' logic (like PVP timer invincibility or SOTW)
  • Full partner item implementation
  • Blockshop
  • Crafting, smelting, brewing
  • Kits
  • Point distribution

And more...




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    Cooldowns are a tad messed up and some of the math is definitely wrong for them and require a fix. This will be put as a backburner issue since cooldowns aren't too crucial for functionality at the moment.