Periodically collect data about my Mastodon account and check in to github to preserve an audit trail.

  • By Daniel Roth
  • Last update: Nov 15, 2022
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mastodon audit trail backup

This repository backs up my follower list, following list, blocked accounts list and muted accounts list periodically using GitHub Actions.

Set up

  1. Fork this repository.

  2. git rm *.txt and commit.

  3. Create a Mastodon app.

  4. Go to Repository Settings → Secrets and add secrets from your Mastodon app:

  5. Go to Repository Settings → Secrets and add the base url of your Mastodon instance:

  6. See .github/workflows/update.yml and modify the cron schedule (in UTC) as you see fit.

  7. Commit and push. Once the time arrives, the cron would work, and commit the lists into .txt files and push the changes.