Quickly add a watermark to a whole bunch of photos.

  • By Tjeerd Bakker
  • Last update: Oct 17, 2022
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Add a watermark to a whole bunch of photos. For a set of photos I needed a variant with watermark for distribution, and a set without watermark for promotion. Instead of exporting the photos twice (once with watermark, once without) this tool allows a much faster method of creating a duplicate set of photos that is watermarked.

How to use

In a single folder, include:

  • a file called 'watermark.png'
  • a folder called 'photos' containing jpg photos
  • the addWatermark executable
$ ./addWatermark -h 	// To show options for command line arguments
$ ./addWatermark 	    // Create a folder 'watermarked' and populate with watermarked photos




  • 1

    Refactor deprecated ioutil to os

    Hey! I saw your post in the golang subreddit about this project and I decided to checkout the source.

    While I was looking over the code I saw ioutil.ReadDir. It has been deprecated since Go 1.16. I thought I'd send you a PR in case you wanted to update.

    Cool project!!