Process vIGILance system that notifies you when your process fails via an e-mail, and is also capable of maintaining a record of all your commands for easier tracking.

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A process vigilance system written in GoLang

🤔 What is Pigil?

Pigil (Process vIGILance) is a self-hosted process watcher, that notifies you as soon as your process fails via an e-mail. It also maintains a record of all your commands for easier tracking.

Pigil keeps an eye on your processes when you have huge, time-taking builds and sends a notification via E-mail if the process fails to avoid any lapses in efficiency.

💻 Usage

Pigil currently has the following commands:

  1. Install Pigil
  2. Authenticate yourself via g-mail and link it with Pigil
    pigil bumf auth
  3. Follow the link generated by Pigil and log-into your gmail account
  4. Run any command just prefix pigil
     pigil <your command> # eg: pigil echo "This command is watched by pigil"
  5. Any failure in the command will trigger an email notification on all your devices

Pigil Commands

  1. pigil <command>: will run the command and notify on failure
  2. pigil bumf auth: will produce an authentication url
  3. pigil bumf db: shows you the history of commands with thier execution time
  4. pigil bumf status: shows current configurations
  5. pigil bumf logout : Will log you out of your gmail account


Using Homebrew

brew tap DarthBenro008/pigil
brew install pigil

Using GoLang

If you have golang installed you can install it by running:

go install[email protected]

Manual Installation

You can also download the binary and install it manually.

  • Go to releases page and grab the latest release of gunfollower.
  • Download the latest release of gunfollower specific to your OS.
  • If you are on Linux/MacOS, make sure you move the binary to somewhere in your $PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

Sample Email Notification


🤝 Contributions

  • Feel Free to Open a PR/Issue for any feature or bug(s).
  • Make sure you follow the community guidelines.
  • Feel free to open an issue to ask a question/discuss anything about pigil.
  • Have a feature request? Open an Issue!

📢 Shoutouts

Shoutout to Khyati Gupta for amazing logo and banner illustrations


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Licensed under MIT License :

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