Side-scroller indie game written in go - "it costs money to be alive"

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  • Last update: Nov 23, 2022
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it costs money to be alive

A short, non-fighty indie side scroller game. Run with the right / left arrow keys, jump with up arrow or space. Collect coins and bring them to the end of the level, but you lose coins over time.

Currently in very preliminary state. Builds and runs on Windows, theoretically on all the platforms supported by the ebiten library.


Built in golang using the ebiten 2D game library. Tileset thanks to ludicarts license, sounds GameDev Market license, little running guy yoinked from the ebiten animation demo (thanks!).

Running the game

git clone [email protected]:jcgraybill/it-costs-money.git
go mod tidy
go build -tags "ebitensinglethread deploy"