Spotify controls in rofi.

  • By David Borzek
  • Last update: Jul 28, 2023
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Spotify controls in rofi.

Spofi provides a method to control your spotify playback via a rofi menu.

Please Note: Spofi only works with Spotify premium accounts.


Currently the application can be installed using go:

go install


Run spofi in any terminal:


On the first run spofi will ask you to create a new configuration. Follow the steps shown in your terminal to authenticate with spotify.

This step above will create a new configuration file under ~/.config/spofi/spofi.yaml.

After the setup is done, you can normally run spofi.

Custom Theme

If you want to use a custom theme for the menu, update config file with your theme:

theme: /path/to/theme.rasi

or run spofi with the --theme flag:

spofi --theme /path/to/theme.rasi