Taiko protocol's client software implementation in Go

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  • Last update: Dec 29, 2022
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Taiko protocol's client software implementation in Go.

Project structure

Path Description
bindings/ Go contract bindings for Taiko smart contracts, and few related utility functions
cmd/ Main executable for this project
docs/ Documentation
driver/ Driver sub-command
integration_test/ Scripts to do the integration testing of all client softwares
pkg/ Library code which used by all sub-commands
proposer/ Proposer sub-command
prover/ Prover sub-command
scripts/ Helpful scripts
version/ Version information

Build the source

Building the taiko-client binary requires a Go compiler. Once installed, run:

make build


Review all available sub-commands:

bin/taiko-client --help

Review each sub-command's command line flags:

bin/taiko-client <sub-command> --help


NOTE: the taiko-mono repository has not been open-sourced yet.

Ensure you have Docker running, and Yarn installed.

Then, run the integration tests:

  1. Start Docker locally

  2. Perform a yarn install in taiko-mono/packages/protocol

  3. Replace <PATH_TO_TAIKO_MONO_REPO> and execute:

      make test




  • 1

    Dig into EIP-4844 Proto-Danksharding

    • [ ] Fully understand EIP-4844
    • [ ] Read the implementation code
    • [ ] Know the current implementation progress
    • [ ] See if there is a way to participate in
  • 2

    Implement client side hardfork

    For the next protocol upgrade (with tokenmocis), we need to implement a client hardfork to learn necessary lessons about how we handle upgradability as a L2.