The agent that connects your sandboxes, the Eleven CLI and your code editor

  • By Eleven
  • Last update: Oct 31, 2022
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This repository contains the source code of the Eleven agent.

The Eleven agent is installed in the instance running your sandbox during its creation (most of the time via cloud-init but it may vary depending on the cloud provider used).

The main role of this agent is to enable communication between your sandboxes, the CLI and your code editor.


Eleven is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.



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    grpcserver: add xtrace flag in runtime install scripts

    Currently, when an error arise in a runtime install script, the commands that have been run are not displayed.

    What we want here is for bash to output each line of script as it executes it to ease future debugging.

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    forever: add command in already running error

    Currently, when you try to start a command in a path where another command is already running, the error message returned is: "A command is already running in current path. Run "forever stop" first."

    What we want here is to include the running command in the error message.