The social media backend example written in golang.

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  • Last update: Apr 20, 2022
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Golang Backend Example - Social Media

This project is written in Go. After learning from Golang courses, trying to implement a simple RESTful backend API with golang standard library net/http, and using json as the database.

To run this project, type the command below:

git clone
cd golang-backend-example
go run .

And it will create a localhost server listening on port 8080.

You can use Postman or curl or any else to test this API.


Method URL Description
GET /api/users Get all user accounts from database
GET /api/users/${email} Get the user account by user's email
POST /api/users Create an user account by given request body
PUT /api/users/${email} Update the user account by the given email and request body
DELETE /api/users/t${email} Delete user account by the given email
GET /api/posts/${email} Get all the posts created by the user with the given email
POST /api/posts Create a post by given request body
DELETE /api/posts/${uuid} Delete a post by the given uuid

Here's also a full testing example created at Postman. You can use the given examples to test this API.


These Ideas below are from the final section of the course, for extending the backend program.

  • Use PostgresQL instead of a JSON file for the database layer
  • Allow users to save other data with their posts
  • Add proper authentication to each request, may use the password validator designed by Lane
  • Add more unit tests
  • Deploy the API on AWS, GCP, or Digital Ocean
  • Dockerize it
  • Add documentation using markdown files
  • Write a frontend that interacts with the API, maybe a webpage or a mobile app

And these ideas below are mine

  • Write a full guide for the backend API designing
  • Integrate with discord bot
  • Use sentimental analysis to detect the emotion of each post