The Whole Project Was not on Repo Branches.It was Locally Coded

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  • Last update: Jun 20, 2022
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Run ./ to download the dependencies and run the the application

To run the application, you have to define the environment variables, default values of the variables are defined inside

  • SERVER_ADDRESS [IP Address of the machine]
  • SERVER_PORT [Port of the machine]
  • DB_USER [Database username]
  • DB_PASSWD [Database password]
  • DB_ADDR [IP address of the database]
  • DB_PORT [Port of the database]
  • DB_NAME [Name of the database]

mysql database

You can use any one of the following procedure to make a database instance, and make the changes to your file accordingly

  1. docker-compose.yml file. This contains the init script to generate and tables and insert the default data. You just need to bring the container up

    To start the docker container, run the docker-compose up inside the resources/docker folder

  2. resources/database.sql this contains the SQL for generating the tables. In case you dont want to use the docker-compose file you can use this file to generate tables and insert the default data

mocks generator


run unit tests