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  • By Kyoto Framework
  • Last update: Jul 9, 2022
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Kyoto project is moving from GitHub to sr.ht



Recent GitHub updates and overall company policy goes against my vision of open source projects. This opinion is shared by many people (https://sfconservancy.org/GiveUpGitHub/#ICE-contract-details). So I decided to move the project to sr.ht, which policy and actions are quite more transparent.


As far as a go packaging system makes host changing painful enough, there is no chance to keep old versions on the new host. I'm not going to do everything at once and definitely not going to delete the project from GitHub in nearest 2 months. But the development of new features and versions will be continued only on sr.ht. Current projects on GitHub will be archived and removed after ~2 months.

What I need to do?

If you're using version 0.x, please, make a fork, or create a local project copy. For those who are using 1.x, it's enough to switch references from "github.com/kyoto-framework" to "git.sr.ht/~kyoto-framework".

How to contribute?

sr.ht uses mailing lists for communication, announcements, patches etc. There are no PRs like GitHub. I don't know much about it, but I'm going to dig into it in the near future (https://man.sr.ht/lists.sr.ht/). For now, those who want to contribute, I'll just add read/write permissions to the project.