webrpc Golang client/server generator

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webrpc-gen Golang templates

This repo contains the templates used by the webrpc-gen cli to code-generate webrpc Go server and client code.


webrpc-gen -schema=example.ridl -target=golang -out=./example.gen.go -Pkg=main -Server -Client

# or 
webrpc-gen -schema=example.ridl -target=github.com/webrpc/[email protected] -out=./example.gen.go -Pkg=main -Server -Client

# or
webrpc-gen -schema=example.ridl -target=./local-go-templates-on-disk -out=./example.gen.go -Pkg=main -Server -Client

As you can see, the -target supports default golang, any git URI, or a local folder :)

Set custom template variables

Change any of the following values by passing -Option="Value" CLI flag to webrpc-gen.

CLI option flag Description Default value
-Pkg=pkgname package name "proto"
-Client generate client code unset (false)
-Server generate server code unset (false)


webrpc-gen -schema=./proto.json -target=golang -out openapi.gen.yaml -Pkg=main -Client -Server

Set custom Go field meta tags in your RIDL file

CLI option flag Description
+ go.field.name = ID Set custom field name
+ go.tag.json = id Set json:"id" struct tag
+ go.tag.db = id Set db:"id" struct tag


message User
  - id: uint64
    + go.field.name = ID
    + go.tag.db = id
    + go.tag.json = id

will result in

type User struct {
	ID uint64 `json:"id" db:"id"`


See _examples






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    Interoperability tests

    Interoperability tests

    This PR implements webrpc interoperability tests.


    The basic interoperability unit test is ensuring that the client and server code generated from this repository can talk to each other.

    1. Generate code
    2. Test generated client/server code against each other
    go generate ./...
    go test ./...

    Test matrix against webrpc-test reference binary

    These tests are ensuring that

    • client code generated from this repository can talk to reference webrpc-test@version server
    • server code generated from this repository responds to reference webrpc-test@version client tests
    1. Generate code
    2. Test generated client and server code against multiple versions of webrpc-test reference binaries via test.sh script
    go generate ./...
    for webrpcVersion in v0.10.0 v0.11.0; do
        ./test.sh $webrpcVersion
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    Fix duplicated json struct tag

    Fixes bug with go.tag.json, which rendered duplicated json tags:

    -   CreatedAt *time.Time `json:"createdAt" db:"created_at,omitempty" json:"createdAt,omitempty"`
    +   UpdatedAt *time.Time `json:"updatedAt,omitempty" db:"updated_at,omitempty"`
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    Support custom struct tags (+ go.tag.TAGNAME)

    This RIDL

    message User
      - id: uint64
        + go.tag.db = id,omitempty
        + go.tag.cbor = id,omitempty

    should generate

    type User struct {
      ID  uint64  `json:"id" db:"id,omitempty" cbor:"id,omitempty"`
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    Fix more optional field regressions

    Fixed more edge cases against a proprietary RIDL file to make sure the golang target is fully backward compatible with v0.6.0. These edge cases were not really covered by ./_examples or tests.

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    Support go.field.type meta

    Seems like I might have missed support for go.field.type during the webrpc 0.7.0 development

    type tokenID: string
      + go.tag.db = id
      + go.field.type = prototyp.BigInt

    See the original code at https://github.com/webrpc/gen-golang/commit/afb0cde87948eaf5656f212ba7f9579cb0fb9d2c

    • [ ] Add go.field.type to examples
    • [ ] Support custom type, ie. prototyp.BigInt
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    Custom type in method argument fails to render

    message User
      - id: uint64
        + json = id
        + go.field.name = ID
        + go.field.type = int64 ### This doesn't work on server
        + go.tag.db = id
    - GetUser(header: map<string,string>, userID: uint64) => (code: uint32, user: User)

    generates wrong server method signature