Yet another Wordle clone…

  • By Sébastien Castiel
  • Last update: Nov 18, 2022
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Gordle – Yet another Wordle clone


Gordle Demo


  • Works on macOS, should work on Linux and Windows as well (not tested)
  • Letter color hints on the keyboard
  • Start a new game (without restarting the app)
  • Share your performance
  • Dark theme


To compile and run Gordle, you will need to have Go installed on your machine. Refer to the installation instructions.


go install




Gordle can be packaged for your operating system using Fyne. You’ll need to install it first:

go install

Then clone this repository, and run the following command:

fyne package

A binary for your OS will be generated in the same directory.

(Tested only on my Mac M1 for now. Ping me if you tried on another platform and it worked, or not!)





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    Works on Windows

    Hi, since the readme stated to ping you if someone tries compiling Gordle on another platform, I just want to report that I was able to successfully package it on Windows 10 x86_64. There's just two problems.

    The first is that since the app's height is exactly the height of my screen, if not bigger, the bottom part gets blocked by the Taskbar and it's pretty hard to play because of that.


    The other issue is that the app just exits when I try to minimize it.


    I'm not sure if it's the way I compiled it or if they're really bugs, though I just ran a pretty vanilla fyne package -- -ldflags -H=windowsgui to package it. The added -ldflags -H=windowsgui part comes from Fyne's readme, it's Windows specific so that launching the app doesn't launch a command prompt instance.

    Additionally, to compile it, aside from Go I also needed to install a C compiler in my system as noted in Fyne's Getting Started documentation, not sure if that's included on Mac by default, but it's a separate install on Windows.